My name is Chris Jorge and on August 11,2011, Nua On The Move had a packing party. The purpose of the packing party was to pack everything from our current space so we could transfer everything into the new space later on. During the party, we had pizza and a free store. I had a chance to interview Jacques Achilles and this is how it turned out: 

CJ: What did you think of the packing party? 
JA: It was fun 
CJ: What did you find out about the packing party? 
JA: Nua has a lot of stuff that is not used and unnoticed 
CJ: What was your first thought of the NUA packing party? 
JA: Help NUA pack 
CJ: What does NUA mean to you? 
JA: making art/making friends/witness Noel have tantrums