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Can you patch social fabric?

We live in a world that emphasizes and divides us by our differences. You see these divisions play out in strong and frightening ways for the youth of our cities—particularly public school students, youth of color and those from low-income families. I know our schools are trying their hardest, but how much impact can you make when forces beyond your control are prescribing your priorities, what you can teach, and how to teach it?

That’s why we ALL need a place like New Urban Arts. Please support our work with a gift to our annual fund right now. Our youth need it because they need art in their lives, but they, you, and I also need it because it’s a version of a different kind of city, a different world—one with a different way of teaching and learning, and a different way of dealing with our differences.

If you came to Cardboard Pancakes (our annual holiday sale), you got to see one of the ways that New Urban Arts is a hub for people who genuinely want to cross all kinds of divides. When you walked in, you saw tables overflowing with art created by our students and artist-mentors, as well as artists from the wider community; you saw these diverse artists, at various stages of their lives, conversing as equals. And you saw people eager to show their appreciation for the efforts of these artists. In short, you caught a rare moment where youth who are typically excluded from public life were participating fully in it.

If you think these moments should be more common, support New Urban Arts. You’ll be welcoming young people to feel like they’re part of the social fabric of our city. You’ll be building a place that takes young people seriously.
In the spirit of giving this season, please support New Urban Arts as we support youth creating a new world. You make a real difference. When you give to New Urban Arts, you make it easier for young people to grow, take risks and reap all the benefits that come with a life full of art.

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Daniel Schleifer, Interim Executive Director