“New Urban Art stands for opportunity to me”

Today I’m writing to give you a gentle but urgent nudge—please support New Urban Arts today! Last week, I shared NUA student Yisel’s story with you. For students like Yisel, New Urban Arts is one of the only places where they can explore their creative practice and be inspired by strong role models that encourage and understand them…

“NUA has nurtured my creative thought process and has provided room for even more ambitious ideas. It has provided me with all of my favorite idols—strong role models who I look up to for their dedication to their craft and as examples of people who excel in competitive academic environments. All while being people of color, women of color, just like me.” See more of Yisel’s story here.

In addition to Yisel’s story, here are some student responses to the question, “What does New Urban Arts mean to you?”

“New Urban Art stands for opportunity to me.”

“A door opening to meeting more good people and more good opportunities.”

“It means a place where creativity isn’t a question; it’s all made possible.”

“It means stepping out of your comfort zone and learning to embrace the weird and not exactly perfect. It means growing and always meeting new people.”

Today, with increasing student enrollment, we need your help more than ever. New Urban Arts is now the largest after school arts provider for teens in Providence. Your generosity and commitment ensure that New Urban Arts remains a viable and vibrant resource for the students whose voices you see expressed here.

Thanks to a generous matching grant from a local foundation, any new or increased donation to our annual campaign will be matched dollar for dollar.

More than ever, your increased donation means that our doors will stay open for the young people that walk through them every day. Our students’ futures are bright because of you. Give generously. Give today!

From all of us at New Urban Arts, thank you and happy New Year!

Daniel Schleifer,
Executive Director

P.S. Please consider becoming a sustaining donor by supporting NUA every month in the amount that’s just right for you.