Alumni! Seeing is Believing: 20 Years of New Urban Arts’ Community Vision (Our 20-20-20 Campaign)

Dear New Urban Arts Alumni:

New Urban Arts turns 20 this year, and we’re kicking off our 20-20-20 campaign: $20 in our 20th year to ensure another 20 years! It’s been a crazy run. We’re reaching out to you because no one understands the importance of this space more than you. You have shaped it into what it is today.

There are two things you can do to help ensure our success for the next 20 years:

Make a $20 Donation!

When you give to New Urban Arts, you’re giving back to a community that fosters inclusivity and understanding to all the people involved in it. Your support provides the very thing NUA gave to you: a safe space where anyone can express their true selves, free of judgment.

Fill out our Survey!

We understand that not all of our alumni are in a place to be able to give, but donations of any size make a huge impact. Whether or not you can help financially, please fill out our survey! Thank you for supporting New Urban Arts!

20th Anniversary Celebrations

We have two events coming up to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Learn more here and here. Finally, you may have heard about federal budget cuts recently proposed by the White House. Learn more here about how they could impact New Urban Arts.