What You Need to Know About the Birthday Bash

What's the Birthday Bash?

A NUA birthday party! We take this time every year to blow out the candles to another year of arts mentoring, creative making, and community building.

What's the price of one ticket?

A general Party Ticket is $35. If you wish to make an additional donation with your ticket, choose your own ticket price! Please note that this final ticket price doesn't include additional party perks, but we are super grateful for your generosity — all proceeds benefit NUA's year-round programming. All tickets will be available at the door.

Who is invited?

Neighbors and alums, mentors and artists, and volunteers and advocates who are over the age of 21. The bar WILL be CARDING, so please REMEMBER to bring your ID.

Where do you park?

Free parking will be made available at Classical Highschool's Parking lot (770 Westminster St, Providence, RI 02903). Visit the map here to view a visual of where the parking lot is in relation to New Urban Arts (705 Westminster Street, Providence, RI).

What's the "Awards Ceremony"?

Our annual Awards Ceremony is a time we take during every Birthday Bash to honor three members of the New Urban Arts community who have demonstrated extraordinary commitment to our youth. This year's awards/winners are as follows:

Carole Harman Memorial Award
Carmel Dundon

Sandra Olson Award
Lois Harada

Founders' Award
Dan Wood, DWRI

How do you Silent Auction?

Step 1 - Explore the stunning collection of artwork donated by friends and supporters of New Urban Arts.
Step 2 - Place your bid on the blackboard next to your artwork(s) of interest (including both your name and phone number)
Step 3 - Keep bidding until you win! Remember to check back often as someone could outbid you!
Step 4 - Wait for winners to be announced at 9:10pm. A cashier will be stationed in front of the piece you won, waiting to accept payment and give you your artwork. If you won multiple pieces, you will have to check them out separately.
Step 5 - If you would like your artwork to be wrapped up, head to the packing station where a team of volunteers will help you.

How do you Raffle?

Step 1 - Take a gander at the 13 uniquely themed raffle gift baskets that were donated and arranged by our friends and supporters!
Step 2 - Purchase your raffle tickets from one of our roving volunteers, and accept a pair of raffle beads that’ll let both rovers know who’s raffled. Three tickets are $10, ten tickets are $20.
Step 3 - Choose which basket you want to spend your raffle tickets on, and REMEMBER to hold on to the “KEEP THIS COUPON” portion of the ticket.
Step 4 - Wait for winners to be announced at 9:10pm. If you’re a winner, hop up onto the stage to collect your winnings! Good luck!