What Do I Ask? Not College Fair 2019

First time at the Not College Fair? Not entirely sure what to ask, or how to go about asking it? Keep calm and read on because we've assembled 13 solid questions you can use to spark some good conversation!

How long does your program take?

What did you want to be when you were in high school?

What advice would you give yourself about careers if you were a teenager today?

How do I apply for your program?

How old do I have to be to participate in your program?

Does your program cost anything?

What skills will I gain from attending your program?

What makes a person a good fit for your program?

What is your favorite story about your program?

Who is your favorite artist?

Cake or Pie?

Is this a summer program or year long program?

What do you think of this formula for career happiness/satisfaction?

Passion/Interest + Values - Skills = Cannot Achieve
Passion/Interest - Values + Skills = No Fullfillment
Value + Skills - Passion/Interest = No Motivation
Passion/Interest + Values + Skills = Career Satisfaction

Have a happy Not College Fair!