25th Anniversary Book—Call For Submissions

Art & experiences from 25 years of NUA community
**Submit by July 31st 2022**

Dearest NUA alumni and students, former and current mentors, staff, supporters and friends!

The 25th Anniversary Steering Committee is curating a collection and art book to celebrate 25 years of NUA community. We’re talking big, dope, coffee-table, museum-worthy art book that just says, “Wow, look at that awesome thing!” And we want you to be a part of it. 

We want this book to showcase the impression NUA has created in the world. It’s a souvenir! A yearbook! A community art history! A casebook of how we make NUA happen! A fundraising tool! A manifesto! It’s a chance to create a snapshot of everything that we were, are, and could become — a communal book for a now-global community.

For anyone previously or currently involved with NUA, you are invited to submit any (or several) of the following:

  • Your NUA story or timeline or history
  • 1-2 pieces of art, creative writing, or any work that represents your creative practice
  • A short statement (<20 lines) on how NUA has affected your life and your creative practice
  • An interview or discussion with another member of the NUA community
  • A special memory you have of NUA or interactions with NUA people in the wider world
  • A meditation on, or description of, something that someone made at NUA
  • A NUA How To (How to make a T-shirt. How to make a self-portrait. How to stop time. How to collaborate, etc.)
  • A critical piece exploring some of the issues or problems you think NUA addresses in the world
  • A studio tour
  • A love poem to NUA
  • Any other expression of what NUA means to you <3

For sponsors, friends, and extended community members, we invite you to write in or share with us creatively:

  • What is NUA?
  • What did you witness at NUA?
  • What inspires you about NUA?
  • What made you want to support NUA over the years?
  • What influence does NUA have on Providence, the community, or the world?

Do you want to be involved but can’t think of what to write or make?  Let us know, and we’ll make suggestions! Submit digitally or by mail! Please include your name, contact information, and your relationship to NUA (including alum year if applicable). Optional: Send a selfie too if you’d like.

Submit digitally to:  submissions@newurbanarts.org

Share visual art as high-quality image (.jpg, .psd, .tiff) or vector files. Share written work as a word document.

Submit physical items via mail to:    
    New Urban Arts
    ATTN: 25th Book 
    705 Westminster St
    Providence, RI 02903

No restrictions on size or medium, but if you mail it and it’s small enough we might be able collage it in — no promises!

Just so you know: by submitting, you are consenting for your work to be printed in what we hope will be a lovely book. We can’t guarantee that everything submitted will make it into the book — but we will find a creative way to use all submissions. 

We will put out the word when this book is available — we would love to get a copy into your hands, and for you to be able to share it with your friends!

With much love,
  The NUA 25th Steering Committee

Abel Hernandez, Alumni & Former Artist Mentor
Alice Costas, Former Artist Mentor
Adrienne Adeyemi, Alumni & Current Board Member
Daniel Schleifer, Executive Director & Former Artist Mentor 
Emily Ustach, Deputy Director & Former Artist Mentor
Jane Androski, Former Artist Mentor & Former Board Member 
Jennifer Recinos, Alumni & Former Artist Mentor
Kath Connolly, Former Board Member
Marcus Civin, Founding Staff Member 
Maya Lehrer, Alumni 
Michael Fournier, Former Board Member 
Tamara Kaplan, Former Staff Member