Jane Androski

Jane believes that finding your own creative practice is not unlike Alice dropping down the rabbit hole for the first time—when you follow what you’re curious about, you never know where you’ll wind up!

Jane’s first year as an artist mentor was in 2008. Since then, she’s been hanging around New Urban Arts quite a bit—dreaming up adventures for the Summer Art Inquiry on Encounter with Alice Costas; leading conversations about NUA’s move to 705 Westminster Street; facilitating professional development workshops for Providence Public School Teachers; modeling the sensational fashions of Noel Puello; slowly peeling tangerines in leadership trainings with the Studio Team Advisory Board.

Her most recent NUA-related project was the re-design of this very website, with Emily Sara Wilson. Their studio, Design Agency, works primarily with educational and non-profit clients, in and around Rhode Island, to help them tell their stories in new ways. (You may have seen the two of them teetering atop a twelve-foot ladder recently, painting the sign that hangs above NUA’s doorway in five beautiful shades of orange…it’s “poly-orange!”). 

Jane received her BA from Clark University and her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her practice as a designer, educator and facilitator is rooted in dialogue and community-building—a sensibility that was shaped by her work as Assistant Director for the Difficult Dialogues Initiative at Clark University, as well as New Urban Arts. Jane teaches at several colleges in the area and, otherwise, spends an inordinate amount of time drawing letters—letters and letters and more letters—simply to relax.


Years: 2008-09 2012-13