Morgan Fagant

Morgan is excited to be returning to New Urban Arts for her third year as a film mentor. As a graduate from SUNY Purchase with a degree in film, she has created numerous short films including a musical. For two years, Morgan and her group of mentees have participated in the Providence 48 Hour Film Project, where they had to create a film in 48 hours. She finds herself inspired by her family, her students and by observing people and her environment. She loves to learn new things such as tango, capoeira and cycling. She is also passionate about volunteering and giving back.  Morgan recently was a weekend volunteer at the Hole in the Wall Gang camp which provides the camp experience for kids with life threatening illnesses. This past summer, she rode her bike 135 miles to raise money for this charity. She is a twin and is often confused for her other half. Morgan currently works with City Year and lives in Connecticut. This fall she hopes to launch a group for women filmmakers at New Urban Arts and in the community where they can collaborate and share their passions for movies.


Years: 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11