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Countdown to the annual event: 7 days left!

Meet Lois Harada!

Relationship with New Urban Arts: Former Mentor, Board Member, Event Planning Committee Member

Providence has been Lois’ home since 2006. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Printmaking and previously worked in the Alumni Office at RISD as an event planner. She currently works as the Production Coordinator of DWRI Letterpress located just a few blocks away from the New Urban Arts studio. She also teaches courses at the AS220 Community Print shop in Silkscreen and Letterpress printing. Lois found New Urban Arts in 2010 and spent one year as an Artist Mentor focusing in printmaking.


We interviewed Lois and asked them to share with us how they got started with New Urban Arts. Here’s what they said:

How did you first hear about New Urban Arts?
Former Artist Mentor and superstar Alice Costas! Alice and I worked at summer arts program in Western, MA and I was looking for ways to engage in the greater Providence community after graduating from RISD.

How long have you been involved with New Urban Arts?
I started as an Artist Mentor in 2010 and am currently on the board.

What’s something that you think makes New Urban Arts stand out from other organizations?
The community! The studio is always a buzzing hub of creativity. I feel inspired every time I step through the doors and am glad to be a part of the space.

What was the last adventure you chose to go on? What did you do?
I went to a spin class. It was terrifying and I felt like I wanted to ralph through most of it. But I think I’m hooked now!

Why do you support New Urban Arts?
How could you not!? I had an amazing art teacher in high school that guided me into a career in the arts and I want everyone to be able to experience that. NUA is such a warm, welcoming place and I wish I had had as a high school