A look back at 2021-22

Since the summer of 2021, New Urban Arts took on a number of projects and challenges:

  • We did a major construction project, which was originally slated for the summer of 2020 but was delayed and drawn out due to the vagaries of the pandemic.
  • We worked with a consultant to review and revise our mission statement and other core documents.
  • We relaunched in-person programs at the studio, establishing—then constantly reassessing and redefining— a number of unprecedented strictures on student enrollment and attendance to limit the spread of COVID.
  • We underwent major transitions in financial management, moving to a new auditor and a new external accountancy.
  • Six members of our team, including two of our longest- serving staff, left to pursue new opportunities.
  • We onboarded six new staff members, restructuring in the process.– We undertook the renewal process for our largest source of funding.
  • We celebrated our 25th Anniversary, including a gala event that, for New Urban Arts, was unprecedented in its scope and size.

As usual, we published two reflections on 2021-22, our annual newsletter and our highly detailed program report. Check them both out! Typically, the newsletter covers the period from July through June, equivalent to one session of summer programs plus the ensuing school year (which also constitutes New Urban Arts’ fiscal year). However, because we celebrated New Urban Arts’ 25th anniversary for all of 2022, we extended the period covered by this newsletter accordingly. Thus, this publication covers July 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022. Enjoy

2021-22 Annual Newsletter

2021-22 Program Report

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