$83,955 raised for FY24!

We have reached the middle of our fiscal year and while we still have donations coming in during these last couple weeks of 2023, we are excited to share that we have raised $83,955 so far! We appreciate our community for the support you all have given us. Each dollar donated helps sustain the work that we are doing and allows us to continue providing free access to the arts for high school students. And if you know us, you know this means more than just providing young people with the opportunity to make art. 
The work we do gives students the space to feel comfortable in expressing who they are and exploring who they want to be. It supports students in their weirdness and ability to start, finish, and abandon projects. It reminds students that they are allowed to just be, and that is enough. So thank you for supporting our work and this space that we are able to give young people. Our goal is to raise $200,000 by June 30, 2023 and we hope you can continue helping us reach our goal!